America’s health care workers and other first responders are on the frontlines of the Coronavirus pandemic. Journalists are often there too, telling their stories, reporting on the spread of the virus, and providing critical information to communities across the country. The journalism industry was already at risk before COVID-19 due to tech giants’ siphoning off their ad revenue. Now, as local businesses close to help contain the virus, advertising revenue has declined even more. Local newsrooms across the country are being impacted — inciting furloughs and layoffs. Local news needs your help to survive this pandemic, too.

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Below you can find a roundup of journalism’s ups and down amidst the coronavirus pandemic, as well as ways you can donate to support local news.

If you’re a journalist who’s been directly affected by COVID-19 layoffs or reductions, we’d love to hear your story. We also have a list of resources if you find your newsroom job has been impacted by the COVID-19 furloughs or layoffs.


As Australia takes on Google and Facebook over news content, the world is watching
International regulators are keeping Google and Facebook in check by forcing the big tech platforms to compensate news outlets for using their content.
Local media outlets launch during the coronavirus pandemic
McClatchy is launching a new local outlet called the Longmont Leader that will serve Longmont, Colorado. 6AM City, a local news company centered around newsletters, is planning to expand across the southeast.
Nonprofit Takes Entrepreneurial Approach to Making Local Journalism Viable Again
The American Journalism Project raised $46 million to support reporting efforts nationwide. The organization aims to build financially stable, nonpartisan news outlets across the nation by supporting their business and revenue operations.
CBSN Sets Up New Local-News Stream in Chicago
ViacomCBS launched a Chicago-focused edition of CBSN, its streaming-video news operation that is a series of locally based streaming-news outlets.
Montana Free Press experiments with newsletters for local COVID-19 coverage
The primary newsletter is a weekly newsletter that delivers the latest stories. The newsletter summarizes the original reporting and includes two aggregated news sections from their state to provide up-to-date COVID-19 coverage.
Seattle, Tampa Bay Newspapers Win U.S. Payroll Support
Newspapers in Seattle and Tampa Bay won support from a U.S. program aimed at helping small businesses during the coronavirus pandemic as local advertising revenue has fallen sharply.
Seattle reporter’s GoFundMe campaign for furloughed journalists plans major payouts
As of April 15th the campaign has raised over $55,000.
“Local Matters” spotlights first-rate investigative journalism around the nation
Investigative journalism becomes increasingly rare as corporate owners disinvest in newsrooms.
Members of Congress push coronavirus bailout for local news
A bipartisan group of lawmakers is circulating a draft letter to be sent to the White House requesting additional relief targeted specifically at local newsrooms.
Philadelphia Media Can Be a Model for Crisis-Response Journalism
A major grant from the Lenfest Foundation aims to harness the power of our newsrooms to deliver life-saving, household-sustaining news to all of the region's communities.
how Twin Cities TV reporters are covering news during the pandemic
Reporters around the Twin Cities have had to get creative in figuring out ways to report the news while maintaining a safe distance from the people they are covering.
Despite financial struggles, Ulrik Haagerup argues that COVID-19 provides an opportunity to reinvent the news industry with constructive journalism.
Changing Roles for Journalists During Coronavirus
Reporters and editors are relying on past experience to serve new roles created to cover the pandemic.
Democratic senators call for funding for local media in coronavirus stimulus
More than a dozen senators are calling for any future stimulus package addressing the economic fallout from the novel coronavirus to include funding for local journalism.
How Digital Newsrooms Are Becoming The Unsung Heroes Of Our Times
Newsrooms are evolving and changing to meet the needs of communities desperate for accurate information, and in the process are helping save the day.
Coronavirus Brings a Surge to News Sites
The New York Times and Axios find that Coronavirus has brought a surge to news sites through app downloads, web traffic, and an increase in viewership.
Texas Tribune and propublica hire 4 new journalists
In efforts to produce quality and accurate journalism during the Coronavirus pandemic, Texas Tribune and ProPublica announce four hires for new joint reporting unit.
Twitter Donates $1 Million to Journalism
To support local news and a robust news industry, Twitter is donating $1 million to journalism.
Substack offers $100k in grants for independent writers
Substack offers $100k in grants for independent writers, in an effort to support the writers and publications using its newsletter.
Local journalism needs your help to help expand news coverage where it counts
Many parts of the country are now news deserts, counties without a newspaper or a single small weekly publication
Local Legal Initiative Will Provide Newsrooms Legal Services in Five States
The Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press launched the Local Legal Initiative that provides legal services to pursue investigative and enterprise stories.


U.S. newspapers have shed half of their newsroom employees since 2008
From 2008 to 2019, overall newsroom employment in the U.S. dropped by 23%, according to the new analysis.
Google criticised by news publishers over coronavirus ad blocking
Google has failed adequately to explain its approach to blocking and filtering adverts alongside coronavirus-related content online as media groups face plunging digital advertising revenues.
U.S. Senate deal does not extend assistance to local news outlets
A $500 billion spending deal reached by U.S. Senate leaders does not expand payroll assistance to struggling local newspapers and broadcast stations, whose advertising revenues have plummeted during this pandemic.
The Coronavirus Is a Huge Challenge for a Newsroom
Reporters at Mother Jones are working tirelessly to provide up to date coverage of voting rights, election security and combatting disinformation.
'Chicago Tribune' Reporters Face Tumultuous Times During Pandemic
Reporters from the Chicago Tribune find themselves getting infected while reporting on crucial topics like the 2020 elections amidst a pandemic.
Watchdog: Pandemic worsening threat to global media freedom
In its evaluation of global media freedoms, Reporters Without Borders warned the health crisis could serve as an excuse for governments "to take advantage of the fact that politics are on hold."
Coronavirus Has Torn Open the Pandora's Box of Ad Tech
The economic impact of the coronavirus crisis on the advertising industry has laid bare the ugly truth of ad tech.
A majority of publishers say advertisers have canceled or paused campaigns, says new IAB survey
That’s resulting in widespread layoffs and cost cuts even as media consumption is skyrocketing.
“A Darwinian Moment”: The Coronavirus Is Blowing Up the Media Landscape
Web traffic is soaring, cable news ratings are through the roof, but people aren’t buying things, so marketers are pausing on trying to sell things. "For huge swaths of media, it’s not hyperbole to say it’s cataclysmic."
Google's Journalism Emergency Relief Fund Won't Save Media
Google has launched the Journalism Emergency Relief Fund...This relief fund is a drop in the bucket compared to the cash the company has raked in over the years while helping to gut publishers left and right.
US newspapers face 'extinction-level' crisis as Covid-19 hits hard
Demand for news stories soars while the decline of the business model that funds them is speeding up catastrophically.
In a pandemic, what is essential journalism?
When times are bad, reporters purport to return to our roots, to act as disseminators not just of crucial information but also instructions: what to do, what not to do, who to call, what to look for, where to go.
Tribune Publishing, Los Angeles Times and Vox Report Cuts, Furloughs and Layoffs
Outlets far and wide like Tribune Publishing, LA Times and Vox are feeling the same economic turmoil that newspapers are facing, as coronavirus is ravaging newsrooms.
US newspapers face ‘extinction-level’ crisis as Covid-19 hits hard
Media outlets across the US have already responded to a huge drop in advertising triggered by the economic shutdown by sacking scores of employees.
Local news could be coronavirus casualty
The largest U.S. media companies are implementing layoffs, pay reductions, furloughs and all manner of cost-saving cutbacks.
The Pandemic Is Crushing The Journalism Industry
COVID-19 has clobbered an industry that had already lost nearly 30,000 jobs ― roughly a quarter of its reporters ― over the last decade.
News Media Outlets Have Been Ravaged by the Pandemic
Here you can find the New York Times’ roundup of newspapers who have seen layoffs and pay cuts for its journalists due to the decreasing ad revenue.
10 Plain Dealer reporters and photographers ask to be laid off
Further updates on the Plain Dealer provides that even after initial layoffs, more journalists and photographers have been laid off.
Layoffs in New Hampshire
Valley News, a West Lebanon, NH, newspaper is reducing expenses with layoffs and a reduction in hours for some employees.
Coronavirus upended local TV news overnight. It may never be the same again
While TV audiences continue to tune in to CNN and MSNBC for the latest national updates, they are also relying on broadcasters closer to home to apprise them of what’s going on specifically in their communities.
Dozens Fired at CQ Roll Call, a Publication Known for Reporting Inside Washington
FiscalNote, a Washington, D.C.-based tech firm, laid off 30 staffers today at CQ Roll Call, a news organization that has long been a staple of reporting in the nation’s capital.
Layoffs and Suspensions in Wisconsin
Isthmus, in Madison, WI has ceased publication entirely. Milwaukee’s Shepherd Express suspended print publication.
Plain Dealer staff will no longer cover Cleveland, Cuyahoga County news
The Cleveland Plain Dealer, a newsroom already ravaged by layoffs, has been hit extremely hard once more in the midst of the pandemic.
Southern California Newspaper Chain Furloughs Dozens Of Workers
Citing plummeting advertising revenue as a result of the COVID-19 crisis, the Southern California News Group (SCNG) has furloughed roughly 50 employees across its newsrooms and laid off several others.
Local newspapers are facing their own coronavirus crisis
Despite readers being more reliant than ever on local media as the coronavirus spreads across the U.S, newsrooms are cutting jobs, staff hours and pay, print editions- and in some cases shutting down entirely.
Many newspapers won’t survive COVID-19
A tsunami of layoffs, cutbacks, furloughs and closures has washed over newsrooms across the U.S. in March and April 2020.
Here's which local newsrooms are getting that Facebook cash
Facebook released a list of the 400 local newsrooms receiving grants from its Facebook Journalism Project's "Community Network" program to support coronavirus news coverage.
COVID-19 has hit local newsrooms hard
Of the 2,485 U.S. counties that reported COVID-19 cases as of April 6th, 50% are news deserts. 57% of counties that have reported cases of COVID-19 lack a daily newspaper and 37% saw local newspapers disappear between 2004 and 2019.
Here are the newsroom layoffs, furloughs and closures caused by the coronavirus
Here you can find Poynter’s collection of newsroom layoffs, furloughs, and closures caused by the coronavirus’ critical blow to the economy and journalism in the United States.
Digital-Media Upstarts Rush to Cut Costs as Coronavirus Wipes Out Advertising
Many media sites have reported big gains in readership but substantial declines in advertising revenue as big brands put campaigns on hold
Outlets are cutting freelance budgets
This is an ongoing list of publications that have frozen, cut, or suspended their freelance budgets because of COVID-19.
Group Nine, the publisher of PopSugar, Thrillist and NowThis, is Damaged by COVID-19
GroupNine postponed its annual Play/Ground festival, cut executives pay by 25%, froze all hiring, and halted its summer internship program.
The Coronavirus Is Killing Local News
At Report for America, finances are cratering to the point that they’re not sure they can afford even their half of a reporter’s salary.
Furloughs come down at Capital Times and Wisconsin State Journal
The Wisconsin State Journal and The Capital Times are furloughing some staff for two weeks and reducing pay across the board.
Oregon newspapers stop printing, cut jobs and hours amid coronavirus crisis
Portland Mercury, Portland Observer, Portland Monthly, and Street Roots have suspended or delayed upcoming issues. Willamette Week halved its print to 25,000 copies.
iHeartMedia reduces pay and furloughs unknown number of employees
iHeartMedia, which owns radio stations and a podcasting network, has furloughed an unknown number of employees and has implemented executive pay cuts.
Vice Cuts Pay for Top Earners, Halts 401K Matching Amid Coronavirus
Vice Media will cut salaries for top staff and halt retirement benefit-matching following the economic downturn spurred by the coronavirus pandemic.
Maven Media Brands Lays Off 9% of Staff
Maven announced layoffs and salary reductions after revenue declines due to COVID-19. Senior management will see a 30% reduction in their salaries.
Fortune puts temporary hold on hiring freelancers
Fortune has put a temporary hold on hiring freelancers, with the intention of resuming its work with them once it’s back to its normal business operations due to the postponement of all its conferences through early June.
Lee Enterprises announces pay cuts and furloughs
The executive team will be taking a 20% reduction in pay and all other employees will be subject to either a pay reduction or furlough equivalent to two weeks of salary.
Gannet announced company-wide furloughs and cost-cutting measures
In response to big advertising declines, Gannett is instituting furloughs and other cost reductions.
Print cuts and furloughs at The Tampa Bay Times
The Tampa Bay Times announced the cut of five days of print and the furlough of non-newsroom staff.
BuzzFeed Slashes Employee Pay Amid the Coronavirus Crisis
BuzzFeed is beginning pay reductions for staff through May to maintain its newsroom.
DC Outlets Face Existential Threat AMID CORONAVIRUS
In DC, Washingtonian magazine laid off all of its fellows and instituted a 10 percent pay cut for staffers making above 40,000.
Voice Media Group cut staff salaries
Voice Media Group, which runs newspapers in Phoenix, Denver, Houston and Miami, is asking for donations and cutting staff salaries by 25%, 35% for executives.
Layoffs in the southwest
In the southwest, three sister papers — Sacramento News & Review, Chico News & Review, and the Reno News & Review — laid off nearly all staff and suspended print publishing.
Layoffs in the northwest
The Portland Mercury in Oregon and The Stranger in Seattle both suspended their print editions and laid off dozens of staffers.
Pittsburgh-area newspapers cut staff, suspend print editions
In Pittsburgh, Tribune Total Media combined its two print editions into one and laid off much of its staff. The Pittsburgh Catholic, a 175-year-old daily newspaper, ceased publication and terminated all employees.
Print Publications Suspended in Oklahoma and Tennesse
The Oklahoma Gazette and The Pulse in Chattanooga have suspended print publications.
Layoffs in Missouri
Riverfront Times in St. Louis, MO, laid off “nearly the entire staff."
Print Publications reduced in Texas
The Austin Chronicle has cut from weekly to biweekly in print after taking a major hit from the cancellation of the South by Southwest (SXSW) festival.


In the midst of this COVID-19 global pandemic, supporting local newsrooms is more important than ever. Newsrooms are facing down that barrel of layoffs and furloughs in addition to risking their health and safety to keep their communities informed.

In addition to a robust response from state and federal governments to recover from Coronavirus, we need reporters, editors, photographers, producers, anchors, and more to ensure our democracy isn’t a victim, too.

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