Save Journalism Project spokesperson Nick Charles co-authors “thought-provoking survey of the forces that pushed our unjust system to its breaking point after the murder of George Floyd”: Say Their Names

Summer 2020 brought with it a long overdue racial reckoning in the United States. Although the brutal murder of George Floyd sparked protests for racial justice across the country, he was not the first black person to fall victim to the racial disparities evident in our justice systems. In order to help make meaningful systematic change in our country, it is imperative that individuals take the time to educate themselves about the deep-rooted racism that has existed since the foundation of America and continues to exist today.  

Save Journalism Project’s own spokesperson, Nick Charles, has joined a coalition of five expert black journalists to co-author Say Their Names: How Black Lives Came to Matter in America. Described by critics such as the Publishers Weekly as “An accessible introduction to the latest chapter in the ongoing struggle for civil rights in America,” this thought-provoking survey deep dives into the inequities that black Americans have faced throughout history and how the recent murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and many others have brought this injustice system to its breaking point. In addition to this, the authors also highlight the changes that have come from the recent racial equality movements and the steps that need to be taken to continue to move forward.