Save Journalism Project Releases “Closing In: Global Reckoning With Big Tech” Paper and Video to Highlight Recent Antitrust Actions

WASHINGTON, DC – The last several months have witnessed an unprecedented amount of antitrust enforcement and regulatory action targeting Google and its harm to the journalism industry across the United States and around the world. As a response, the Save Journalism Project today released a paper and video going through the recent enforcement actions and shining light on the global efforts being made to rein in Big Tech and stop it from extinguishing the journalism industry. 

The journalism industry has taken a lot of criticism for failing to adapt to the changing world of digital media and the disruptive technology of the Internet. However, what is now finally becoming clear is that news outlets never really had a fair shot at competing in the online marketplace that was not only dominated by the big platforms, but the tech giants — and particularly Google — exploited that dominance to rig the system and siphon off revenue. Thus, the question now is whether the growing number of American and international enforcement actions can stop Google before it’s too late to save journalism.  

The following is a statement from Laura Bassett, former Senior Politics Reporter for HuffPost who was laid off in January 2019, and co-founder of the Save Journalism Project:

“There is no question that lawmakers and regulators around the world are increasingly focusing their antitrust and regulatory enforcement actions on the tech giants. We are also encouraged by the key appointments of the incoming Biden administration — like Lina Khan and Tim Wu — which likely means this drive for action will continue in 2021. This drive is critical because the journalism industry needs action and it needs it now. However, we must not forget that relief — whenever it comes — must reach the regional, local, and hyperlocal outlets and not just the big players and media conglomerates.”

The full paper can be found here.