JUST LAUNCHED: The -30-: The End of the News

In the spirit of giving, Save Journalism Project co-founder John Stanton gave everyone an early stocking stuffer – a new podcast highlighting the news industry’s struggle to survive in the midst of big tech’s suffocating grip. In the launch of his podcast The -30-: The End of the News, Stanton released two episodes to make the chaos of holiday travel a little less stressful.

In his first two episodes, Stanton is joined by the Save Journalism Project’s co-founder Laura Bassett and freelance writer and editor Nick Charles, who have personally witnessed the impacts of Google, Apple and Facebook’s siege on newsrooms nationwide, along with his second episode’s guest Seth Bloom, a leading expert on antitrust, competition and tech policy.

These episodes look into the existential crisis the news industry is facing and the harmful implications of big tech on the fourth estate. It is clear that Google, Apple, and Facebook have changed the way we function in regards to news and the digital advertising marketplace. In his podcast, Stanton will interview journalists, experts and leaders in order to navigate these uncertain times and provide a glimmer of hope for the future of our democracy.