COMING SOON: The -30-: The End of the News

The journalism industry is facing an existential crisis. The transition to digital media has resulted in the collapse of local news, the loss of outlets serving minority communities, tens of thousands of journalists out of work, and even century-plus old journalistic institutions closing down. The tech giants didn’t set out to destroy the journalism industry. But the reality is that the stranglehold Google, Facebook, and Apple have over how people access news online and the digital advertising marketplace is destroying the economic model of the newspaper business.

To fight back, Save Journalism Project co-founder John Stanton today announced a new podcast, The -30-: The End of the News.  In just one example of how there is no other option but to rely on the tech giants, the only way our supporters can hear our view that Apple (and others) is killing the news industry, is to make the podcast available on Apple Podcasts, which controls about two-thirds of all podcast downloads. 

For a sneak preview of the podcast, here is the trailer for The -30-: The End of the News.  The first two episodes will be released on December 19.

According to John Stanton – host of the Save Journalism Project podcast and former DC bureau chief of BuzzFeed, before being laid off in January – “I was never interested in the business side of journalism. I believed in the separation of church and state. But then, I found myself without a job at a time when the world needs journalism the most. So now, with this project, I’m going to interview the journalists, experts, and leaders who can help us make sense of this crisis, where we are as a profession and what it means for the future.

For centuries, -30- has been used by journalists to signify the end of a story. We hope this won’t be the end of ours.”