ICYMI: Save Journalism Project’s “Share Your Story” Campaign Featured in Journalism.co.uk

WASHINGTON, DC – In a new piece for Journalism.co.uk, Daniel Green highlights the all too familiar story that local journalism is vanishing as big tech sits back and counts their profits. The story highlights of launch of the ‘Share Your Story’ campaign, which creates a dialogue around the looming crisis that access to critical information is disappearing. It builds a space for journalists to submit their experience with the decline of journalism – with a shocking 3,100 job cuts in the U.S. media since the start of 2019. Have you seen a decline in journalism or been personally affected by layoffs or cuts? Share your story here. 

Big tech is monetizing the news for the sake of their own profits and yet the grueling and critical work of journalists goes uncompensated. We want to hear from these journalist’s and their account in their own words how this issue has affected them. It is crucial for these stories to be told, and yet journalists are often reluctant to share their own – now is the time. 

Daniel Green’s story is excerpted below and available online in full here:

Since the start of the 2019, there have been 3,100 job cuts in the US media amid the continuing decline of digital advertising revenue – but one journalist who was made redundant this year is taking a stand.

John Stanton was a national reporter for BuzzFeed News US before being made redundant in January 2019. He launched the Save Journalism Project last month, together with Laura Bassett, a former HuffPost culture and political reporter, to create awareness around continuing job layoffs.

…Not only has this situation hit the livelihoods of reporters hard, it also threatens the free press and news organisation’s ability to hold power to account.

…Stanton said the focus needs to be on breaking up a duopoly which controls nearly two-thirds of digital advertising revenue combined and absorbs 90 per cent of new digital advertising revenue each year.